Shoring & Stabilization

Shoring & Stabilization

Within our shoring and stabilization range, we offer PowerShore equipment and sets as well as Vehicle Stabilization Struts (V-Struts). Meet our shoring and stabilization systems for every rescue scenario.

Holmatro PowerShore: one system for every rescue scenario

The PowerShore emergency shoring system is versatile and easy to assemble. It provides a quick and reliable stabilization for every rescue situation. No matter what type of operation you are faced with – more regular but less complex or less regular but more complex – this system meets any shoring requirement.

Purpose of use

In all of these situations and environments stabilization with Holmatro PowerShore prevents further injury of those entrapped and creates rapid safe areas for rescuers to work in. Practical examples where PowerShore can be used are collapsed structure rescue, trench rescue, or heavy or light vehicle rescues.

Features and benefits

Holmatro PowerShore can be assembled in a minimum amount of time. With many different extension lengths and accessories, virtually any object can be shored at various angles. The load is safely secured using a manual or automatic locking system. Holmatro PowerShore is also available with integrated pneumatic or hydraulic lifting cylinders. This allows for a combination of shoring and lifting operations in situations where potentially lifesaving ‘working space’ needs to be created.

The benefits of the PowerShore shoring & stabilization system are endless. Think about versatile, safe, powerful, lightweight and quick to use.

Holmatro V-Strut

The other stabilization option is our easy-to-carry and handle V-Strut. The V-Strut is specially designed to stabilize any type of car quickly, easily and safely. Incorporating an integrated head, non-slip base plate and tensioning belt with a hook and ratchet mechanism, this all-in-one tool is ready for immediate use. This stabilization tool enables you to position it accurately, whether the car is on its side or roof.

Features and benefits

The V-Stut is a lightweight tool for instant, safe stabilization. It has a squeeze and push mechanism to release the strut quickly and easily after use. The unique auto-lock system makes it easy, quick and safe. The serrated multi-purpose head makes the tool suitable for use with all types of vehicles. Interested in more features? Discover our products or download the brochure.